DOPSoft Beta version Release

Last week appears a new BETA software to program Delta DOP-B HMI’s.
It’s call DOPSoft

This software contains several very interesting new features, I try to resume them below:

– Multi-Language System Menu/Message
– Import/Export Multi-language text (in CSV/Excel format)

– User-Define Sub-Marco Name
– Improve Marco Edit interface
– Universal printing driver with PCBridge.

– Rotating HMI display (90, 180 and 270 degrees).
– Rotating program elements (90, 180 and 270 degrees).

– Improve Historical Trend Graph element
– Advance element part list
– New Edit objects like the slider, List box and Combo box.

– Reset HMI option
– Flexible control/status block setting

– Picture from other programs can be pasted to the element directly
– Improve compile speed
– User-defined address for MAX/MIN limit of elements

If do you like to be Delta’s Beta tester, please download this software from our web site
DOPSoft 1.00.00
And leave your commentaries below, We’re eager to know for your personal experience!
We’ll keep you informed for the final version release.

9 responses to “DOPSoft Beta version Release

  1. DOPsoft is better than what is currently used for programming these Delta HMI’s. Finally be able to do a tag import with the ability to export to an .csv file. What would be nice though when tagging an object on the screen to be able to type in the tag name instead of having to select the tag with the mouse and hitting enter.

  2. It is not possible to change the text with Open Office (export/import XLS file).

  3. Export was only possible as XLS Filetype (WINDOWS VISTA, DOP1.0.0)

  4. For me the biggest improvement is the ability to rotate the screen / elements. This helps a lot.

    A nice additional feature would be to be able to read the HMI’s Comm adress, to be able to display it on the screen, together with a readable parameter showing the status of the comms.

  5. i have been using the dop soft since it first came out. i always create a system button(password protected) on the screen to access the com settings for ease of checking, common problem is people messing around with the settings and creating comm errors.

  6. can we save the data automatically in csv/excel format & save it in external memory(PC HDD)?

  7. Not able to get an active trend carve. please give me a clear brief for dop-as35THTD. Thank you

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