Announcement: DOPSoft 1.00.07 release

Once again, new update of DOPSoft 1.00.07.

DOPSoft will be in near future the only one Delta HMI software so I recommend to everybody to take a look on this new version.
New image and many problems corrected to have finally a very stable product.

Check the new changes on the following announcement

Feel free to download the complete version FOR FREE on our website

DOPSOFT 1.00.07
eSERVER 1.00.17
eREMOTE 2.00.03

or on our FTP all at once
HMI Delta Suite May_2012

And Enjoy.

22 responses to “Announcement: DOPSoft 1.00.07 release

  1. me gustaria poder enlazarme ala pantalla con el eremote 2.00.03 desde otra parte, lo hize con la red local y funciona perfectamente, tambien probe conectandome a un equipo remotamente y abrir el programa y funciona, ahora solo quiero conectarme a al pantalla sin tener una computadora cerca de la pantalla solo con el eremote agradeceria mucho su ayuda.

  2. Does it DELTA HMI can communicate with another plc brand over ethernet/profinet?

  3. Dear Sir,

    i have an .exe file developed on visual basic. i want to transfer this file on Delta HMI. how can i do this task?
    please replay on earliest.


  4. hi delta ,
    i have a dop-b 07s201 with firmware 2.0122
    and my laptop dont install the drivers my version of dop soft is the lastest with the patch for series b07s

  5. Hello Delta.
    Thank You for your help.
    When I try to control the HMI by the newest eRemote 2.00.03 an error message appears: “Did not support rotation of elements!”
    Please when can I find an old version that support that function?

  6. Good afternoon!
    I wonder how do I communicate a DOP-B HMI with Ethernet in a clp siemens S7-1200, because I can not do both talk!
    Thank you!

  7. Hello Delta, when I try to download or upload data from screen edit via Ethernet i received a error message “can’t open Ethernet” it is something that I’m missing on the configuration?

    thank you.

  8. I’ve been using the DOPSoft and have found a problem when setting the HMI in “Modbus Slave” mode.
    With Screen Editor I could set the HMIStation number but in DOPSoft this is disabled.

  9. Greetings of the day!

    I need some information regarding printer attachment with HMI.
    First of all I want to tell you about my application and requirement.
    I am using the DOP-B10E615 HMI and my screen size is 1024×600.
    I want to print an screen with same size successively after each process cycle. The list of printers default provided in software is quite OLD for printer industry, it is very difficult to arrange them..
    My point of assistance are:
    1. What is the best printer suited for this page size?
    2. Can we use any printer of the same manufacturer such as Epson any lazer printer, if not then I request you to give me list of printers we can use?
    3. Can we print a screen successively after each cycle automatically regardless of the present HMI page?
    4. Is there any sequence which have to be written in macros? If yes, then it is requested to provide it.

    Regards & Thanks

  10. hi please provide us the communication programme of siemens s71200 with delta hmi

  11. Armando Melchor

    Hi. I’m having trouble to comunicate a DOP HMI with a S7-1200. Do you have an example program or some info about it?

  12. Hi, Please also help me to communicate between a DOP HMI and S7-1200.
    And any other helpful info you may have. thanks

  13. Do you have an English version of dopsoft1.00.07385 for downloading?

  14. is profibus compatible with Delta HMIs.i want to communicate the siemens s7300 plc with delta hmi via profibus.? or any other options for communication with profibus.

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