Succesful Application: DVP20PM + DOPB-PS and G-Code download feature

Today, were going to talk about motion control.
There´s a PLC not released in many countries, but capable to manage up to 3 axis using step and direction control, is called DVP20PM or PM series.


This PLC needs special software called PMSoft, available on the web for free, as always.
This software a part from be able to program DVP20PM, it have the capability to work with G-Code files

PM-Soft Software

The G-Code files are a codified files that transform a Autocad file into a motion control trajectories, making the programming of motion control systems really easy.
Thanks to that codification, you can cut a difficult wood profile for example, designed previously using Autocad, and avoiding the hard PLC programming work to the engineer.

The problem that customer use to have with DVP20PM is when customer want to change the cutting profile of their product, because in that occasions, the Computer is needed, and not always our customer have a computer on the machine, isn’t it!

G-Code DVP20PM Download

Here, is where appears our new DOP-PS models, already available in EMEA region.
With this HMI´s your customer have the capability to change the G-Code profile only with one USB disk, following the next process:
1. Create Autocad File
2. Transform to G-Code and copy to USB disk
3. Connect the USB Disk to the DOPB-PS and download it to the 20PM
4. Run the program!

According to that, our HMI team prepares for us the complete following example where we´re going to cut an Scorpion picture profile into our 20PM.

You can download the HMI and PLC programs, and a nice pdf detailed explanation of how they create this application in our FTP Delta application guide folder

DVP20PM + DOPB-PS and G-Code download feature example

As you should understand this really simple kind of CNC tool could be applied to many kind of applications, from Wood cutting, plasma, or gluing, to stone grinding or even metal cutting!
Don´t hesitate to share your experiences with us.

And really soon same functionality to DVP10MC the future CANopen motion controller from Delta!

20 responses to “Succesful Application: DVP20PM + DOPB-PS and G-Code download feature

  1. This is exactly what i needed to do the project that i am busy with, tell me is there a way to use g code with the SV28 plc and B07S415 HMI. I have a successful program with the SV28 but it has taken a long time to program.

    • Dear Mike,
      G-Code is only available with DVP20PM and the future DVP10MC.
      So I´m afraid for 28SV you have to do in manually.

      • OK thanks for the prompt reply, I have another question. When using the DPPMR instruction the X axis (Y0) makes a little step before the next DPPMR or DCIMR instruction is executed, I can reduce this step by putting a value in D1340, but i am not able to eliminate the step all together, I am able to reduce the step to around 18ms, this only appears to happen in the X axis and not the Y axis, do you have any suggestions for me.

        Kind Regards

  2. Emmanuel Tapia

    Hi i have a cnc that i made whit a PLC dvp20pm00m and 3 drives ASD B2 0421 B and 3 ECMA-C20604ES i only need the DOPB07PS i dont found the hmi whit my local supplier can you tell me the cost thanks i hope your response

  3. Emmanuel Tapia

    Im from Mexico

  4. En que parte de mexico esas emmanuel?

  5. Emmanuel Desarrollos Digitales es distribuidor de DELTA en México, tenemos experiencia con los DVP-PM20, estamos para servirte.

    Fernando Mejía

  6. Maybe it is of this topic, but it is also about motion control. I will write about PDF document “Simple Tuning ASDA-A2&B2 Servo System.pdf”. This document is very helpful and well written, but, I think, it is not finished. There is “The Skeleton of Control Mode” diagram in this document and it shows blocks of “Multiple Cascaded Loops”. All theese blocks were comprehensively exlained. All, except “T-Control Unit”, “Vibration & Suppression Unit”, “T-Feedback Unit”, “S-Feedback Unit” and “P-Feedback Unit”. If someone in Delta Electronics would finnish to explaine these blocks too it would be very helpful for all servo drive users – “tunners”. I appeal to the Delta staff, please, describe, and these blocks. Thank you in advance. Tomas, Lithuania

  7. Emmanuel Tapia

    Buen dia he estado experimentando varios inconvenientes con el dvp20pm00m
    1—-El primero es que cuando modifico los valores de las variables d1818,1898 1978 y d1820 1900 1980 responden bien siempre y cuando los movimientos son lineales osea cuando cuadrados pero cuando quiero hacer figuras mas complejas con interpolaciones o con movimientos que implican el uso del G03 el plc se va a error 0011 Incorrect target position (I) setting sinceramente no me explico por que siendo que los parametros de X axis: D1816, Y axis: D1896, Z axis: D1976 los tengo en K5 ahora que si omito algo o no lo estoy haciendo bien les pido de favor me asesoren

    2—-El segundo es que le descargue un programa de maquinado de 600kb y la pantalla me marco PLC space isnt enough download fail les comento que es un programa de una flor sensilla en 3d existira una memoria mas grande o como puedo solucionar la falta de espacio en el plc.

    saludos y estamos en contacto
    Emmanuel Tapia
    Posdata vivo en Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico

    • Hola Emmanuel,
      La gente que viene a este blog es de todo el mundo, asi que si lo puedieras publicar en Ingles, seria de mucha mas ayuda para todos.
      En qualquier caso muchas gracias por compartir tus experiencias!

      Dear Emmanuel
      The people who comes to this blog is from all around the world, If you could post in English It will be much more helpful for everybody else.
      In any case, thanks to share your experiences!

  8. Emmanuel Tapia

    hi everybody i have some troubles whit the DVP20PM00M
    1——When i modify the values of variables D1818, D1898, D1978 the PLC works good just with simple movements i mind squares or lines, but when i use the G03 for works with interpolation of two axis the PLC gave me this error 0011 Incorrect target position (I) setting, i dont know why if i have K5 in the parameters X axis: D1816, Y axis: D1896, Z axis: D1976 please tell me if im doing something wrong

    2—— I did a NC file that have 640kb for me is a simple program of a flower in 3d i tried to unload through the HMI but when press the button Download G code, this message appears on the HMI [ PLC space isnt enough download fail] i dont know if i can solve the problem with a expansion or a bigger memory of the PLC

    can you help me to solve my problems? i have several delay in this project thanks and i hope your reply.

    Emmanuel Tapia from Guadalajara Mexico

    • Hi,Emmanuel! I have the same problem with the G-code downloading ( size > 64 Kb ). I tried to find PMGDL utility, that described in DVP20PM manual (DVP-PM-Program_O_EN_20110415.pdf). The result is nothing. Looks like somebody have deleted it specialy.
      Have you solved this problem?

  9. where is the Support?

  10. I want to automate my lathe using your PLC and servo…Can you help me with an application note?

  11. How can i provide dynamic g-code downloading on DVP20PM00M. There is no PMGDL software. Does the message protocol description for DVP MC (Delta_DVP-MC_O_EN_20120817.pdf , The Protocol for Dynamic Download of CNC Program) the same for the DVP20PM ?
    Is there another methods for dynamic download of CNC program?

  12. HI Delta Automation Europe
    thanks for your great weblog
    i have problem downloading the file you have prepared here
    does it need special way of download ?

  13. From where i can got or buy the PMGDL Software because i search the internet and delta website and i didn’t find.

  14. Hi Emad you can download to the plc direct from a USB using the HMI DOP07PS just download the example cnc proyect to the HMI up is the link and update the firmware to the PLC for because you dont do it it cant connect to the HMI and thats it

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