PLC Password: How to protect your program?

How to protect you program?

I’m pretty sure, that If you´re a programmer is not the first time you need to protect your work.
Maybe to avoid last time changes, or maybe because is your everyday bread.
So in any of the cases, we would like to explain what password locking possibilities new ISPSoft provide to you.

1st Program Lock
In this case, you lock the computer file, to open the file you need to have the pasword, but If the program in on the PLC customer can upload without password.

full screen is recommended

2nd Subroutine Lock
Your customer can open the program with no problem, but you can lock your Function Blocks to avoid anybody steal your Know-how.

full screen is recommended

3rd PLC Lock
In this case you’re locking the PLC, to be able to upload the program from the PLC you need the password.
The password resets if you come back to factory settings, but be aware that you´re going to lose the program also!

full screen is recommended

To all of you, who have a machine in you hands with a Password, and need to extract the program for whatever reason is. I’m afraid there´s no crack or universal password.
The only think you can do is contact with your machine provider.
Or just reset to factory settings, loosing the program on the process

10 responses to “PLC Password: How to protect your program?

  1. Can you also explain what possibilities to lock/unlock or reset lock (if someone has forgot his password) DELTA HMI and it’s programs/recepts?

    • Hi Tomas,
      With the HMI is exactly the same
      If you forgot the password you better have a backup copy in your computer, due the only way to unlock the device is erasing the whole memory and downloading the program again.

      • How exactly to do so?
        To set password: DOPsoft/File/Password Protect?
        To clear fogotten password: DOPsoft/Tools/Reset HMI?

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    • Dear Md. Shohidul,

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      Delta Team

  3. How do i unlock my 4-digit password of dop-b series hmi ? Pls help..any solution without loosing my plc program.

  4. Reblogged this on kasamblog and commented:
    Does anyone have a wiring diagram to connect 2 ASD-A2 servo drives in gantry mode?

  5. arjun sharma

    Dear Delta team good morning

    I just wants to know that is it possible to communicate the delta hmi A series with window 7 -64bit operating system .if it is not then how?
    because only for delta hmi communication its not possible for a electrical keep both the window 7 and window xp.
    Kindly suggest me ….

  6. sachin pratap singh

    respected sir
    when i upload a programme there was a intruction rs d.. d.. d.. d.. and there was four vfd running on modbus comu… cud u help me to undestand what is freq.. data register.. and what is procedure of it…

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